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the past few days have been a flurry of thought for me, amidst our adventures (such as sand-dune sliding!). going on adventures, even if they are simple ones, always pushes me further – makes me want more. it’s so easy to fall into a slumber of the soul – to just get by instead of pursuing life. and so often, it only takes one conscious decision. like whether or not we were going to go to the beach (it was zero outside and very frosty). i started um-ing and ah-ing, thinking of reasons not to go… eden was in bed, what about meals, costs, etc…. laziness!!! and then i realised that it was saying ‘no’ that was making our lives what it currently is.

so i said yes.

boy am i glad i did!!!

the whole time i watched eden sliding down the dunes, and standing, & falling and loving every second of it I kept thinking of how much it is experiences like that that teach us about life, and the world. he would of learned SO much more there than in his bedroom, or at the wacky warehouse… because we just let him get on with it. i was slightly nervous the first time he went head first down, but as soon as i saw that it was on purpose, all was ok. He could go wherever he wanted. there were no walls.

that is what education is all about – giving the mind and soul room to wander. because minds WANT to learn.

having done my graduating thesis on montessori’s educational revolution, i’m obviously partial to her way of thinking. and yet someone recently commented that it is really hard for kids to adjust to ‘normal’ school if they attend a montessori preschool – it was their advice not to send a child there. I don’t know how i feel about that. even if mainstream education is the way you’re going to go forward (with a teacher for a husband, i’m not sure how many other options i’ll get!!!) surely letting your child have an alternate beginning is the best start? why send them to preschool that is just like school? home isn’t like school…

and homeschooling. there’s a volcano of opinion. i don’t know mine. i love the idea of ‘unschooling’ but i couldn’t cope with it, not really. and socialising is so important…so i would only do it if there was network of homeschoolers around me. *i think*.

all i know for sure is that we went to the beach and it was good.

4 thoughts on “Education Schmeducation

  1. Please don’t push aside the opportunity of giving your boy a Montessori education based on the old myth of Montessori children not adapting well to “regular” school. The foundations that a child receives in Montessori go far beyond mere academics. They are prepared to deal with the problems life throws their way; they’re more empathetic; they think outside the box; and the best part is that they adjust to anything, because they are prepared for life.

    Any child faces challenges when changing from one method of education to another. They have to learn how to sit still, when their bodies tell them they need to move in order to learn. They have to stop learning about a topic after 45 minutes, even if their mind is telling them to keep gathering information. But those are small (and sad) hurdles to overcome, and overcome them he will.

    From a firsthand perspective, I can tell you that my brother and I were both Montessori children who were able to adapt well to the public school system. And every year I see my students transition, some with no problems, some with minor hiccups… But what I know for sure is that they will all take with them the lessons they learned about life, community, and a joy of learning, lessons other children never got to learn.

  2. interesting, thanks for responding! I’ve never actually met or spoken to anyone who has been educated through montessori. i don’t think anything is ‘perfect’ but it seems to hold a lot of good ideas.

    both my husband and i are super interested & hope that there’ll be one nearby and we’ll be able to afford it when eden’s old enough. if not, i’ll carry on attempting to do montessori-styled activities at home.

    thanks again!

  3. oh. there is way too much in this post that i would want to say, and not enough time! i will say. do you hold out on loving your child as much as you can, because you may not always be able to provide that same amount of love? no. certainly not! why then would you limit a great opportunity because it couldn’t continue? ridiculous reasoning. and all of life is about adapting… rubbish i say. (i’ll not even start on the homeschooling/deschooling front… far too much to say there.)
    yea.. for being outside. funny how the best things for us are the hardest to make happen.

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