one hundred days – one hundred things.

I’ve been inspired by this but as usual, I didn’t want to conform to the way it was! Just one thing every day for a hundred things – how would i choose the thing? there are so many things i could do regularly that would improve my life. There are so many things I love to do, but rarely get around to.

So i made a list. And it starts today.

My list is in no particular order – i’ll do them as i do them. hopefully some of them, i’ll do more times than i’ve listed.

  1. Do yoga
  2. Write a real letter.
  3. Go to the zoo.
  4. Have a driving lesson.
  5. Bake bread.
  6. Do something unexpected.
  7. Clean out the cupboards in the kitchen.
  8. Have a sewing lesson.
  9. Change Eden’s window display.
  10. Go to the beach.
  11. Spend a day without using the computer for anything but music.
  12. Go for a run.
  13. Make jewelry.
  14. Knit
  15. Take the camera out & photograph things that inspire me.
  16. Spend an hour writing.
  17. Do yoga.
  18. Have a date night.
  19. Have a driving lesson.
  20. Research something.
  21. Do a charity shop run – get rid of excess!!!
  22. Do some sewing.
  23. Go for a run.
  24. Have a family day.
  25. Write something.
  26. Sort Eden’s toys/room.
  27. Make something beautiful.
  28. Re-learn how to crotchet.
  29. Cook something for the first time.
  30. Have guests.
  31. Spend most of the day outside.
  32. Have a driving lesson.
  33. Bake bread.
  34. Spend a day without using the computer for anything but music.
  35. Listen to new music.
  36. Knit something that is not a scarf or blanket!
  37. Make jewelry.
  38. Write a real letter.
  39. Go to the Tate.
  40. Go for a run.
  41. Have a date night.
  42. Do something unexpected.
  43. Change Eden’s window display.
  44. Sort out Eden’s old clothes.
  45. Take nice photos.
  46. Do something for charity.
  47. Put something on freecycle.
  48. Go for a re-ally long walk.
  49. Have a driving lesson.
  50. Visit a farm.
  51. Have guests.
  52. Do yoga.
  53. Write something.
  54. Commit an unexpected act of kindness.
  55. Etch something.
  56. Bake banana bread.
  57. Crochet.
  58. Make some fresh soup.
  59. Go for a run
  60. Cook something I haven’t made in a long time, but we all love.
  61. Have a driving lesson.
  62. Have a day without Facebook.
  63. Make a home-made toy/activity for Eden.
  64. Sew something.
  65. Sort Eden’s toys/room.
  66. Go for a walk, even though it’s raining.
  67. Have a date night.
  68. Read a classic.
  69. Knit.
  70. Make something.
  71. Learn a new skill.
  72. Go somewhere new.
  73. Go for a run
  74. Have a driving lesson.
  75. Change Eden’s window display.
  76. Have guests.
  77. Do something unexpected.
  78. Go for a re-ally long walk.
  79. Cook something new.
  80. Write for an hour.
  81. Make jewelry.
  82. Make a stash of thank you cards.
  83. Have a driving lesson.
  84. Knit.
  85. Create something.
  86. Have a computer-free day.
  87. Make/fill an inspiration board.
  88. Make a Eden’s artwork display board.
  89. Go for a run.
  90. Do yoga.
  91. Sew something.
  92. Research something.
  93. Change photos in frames.
  94. Wear something I never wear.
  95. Cook something i love.
  96. Have a date night.
  97. Have a driving lesson.
  98. Go somewhere new.
  99. Have a road trip.
  100. Have a shirah-styled day.

My hundred days will end on: Friday May 14th 2010.

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