No more excuses!

Who knew that doing things I want to do could be so difficult? In the past 5 days I have really struggled to do things from my one hundred days list.

At first my excuse was Eden’s horrendous sleeping patterns – with our mornings beginning at 5am or earlier. Then it was…well? I’m not entirely sure. I have excuses for everything. What I can’t decide is if it counts if i do more than one thing on a day? Cause obviously it’s a test… I think I’ve decided it doesn’t count, because the point is enriching my life. If i happen to get to do a few things I love, or need to do, in one day…that’s just good. It doesn’t excuse me from my goal of regularly incorporating *good* things in my life.

So in the past five days I have crossed off my list:

  1. Do yoga
  2. Knit
  3. Have a date night.
  4. Write something.
  5. Make some fresh soup.

Maybe I’m not as hopeless as I thought?

Discussions about passions and purpose and intentions and dreams have been ebbing and flowing around here. The reality is we need more from life. The other reality is that we’re stifled by our lack of funds. And not talking about it only makes it worse somehow.


2 thoughts on “No more excuses!

  1. Good for you to put a list of actions in place and to implement it! It sounds like you are being a little hard on yourself when it looks to me that you have accomplished quite a lot! As for wanting more out of life but feeling held back by dollars, you should take a look at my comments today … I think you might have a new perspective. Thanks for a good read and for inspiring me to get a list going too!

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