sew sew sew

<——-this became that————————–>

I have had that bag for years. It is probably the most practical bag I ever purchased, but also the most boring. This is why I can never bring myself to use it. So i decided, enough is enough. Practical would help my always-forget-my-wallet situation… So i took out some beads, some lovely fabric that i only have bits left of and made my first button!!! I wish my world was covered in that fabric. It’s tye-dyed batik cheesecloth (from Abakhan) Beautiful.

From the list I have crossed off 2 more things in the last 3 days … one day, my spare time was sacrificed to complete a job application.

1. Go for a re-eally long walk

2. Sew something

I am really enjoying having this list ‘hanging over me’. I find it so easy to be lazy. Eden is always looked after, but it so easy to just overlook me. And my soul needs this.

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