waiting for quiet

When I first put eden down for a nap, i try to keep the house as quiet as possible till he settles. It used to be for 10 minutes, but his settling time seems to linger longer and longer these days. Which means so does my quiet time. I’m definitely not complaining though! It’s a perfect excuse to be lazy and play on the computer/internet until all is still. Then I can get on with the boring chores that I really don’t want to do. So here we are, waiting for the chattering to stop.

This weekend Phil & I went to see the much-talked about ‘Avatar’, and I liked it. I wasn’t sure I would – I’ve never been big on hyped up things… but the effects weren’t so over the top, and the story wasn’t so dull… In fact, it’s really the most basic, traditional love story there is. I’ve heard it compared to Pocahontas, but I’m not convinced that’s the oldest version of it. The reality is that we judge what we don’t know and we love what we do know. I think.

Last week I handed in a job application. It’s a good next step in my career (which is funny because I’m not a very career-oriented person and never thought that I had a ‘career’). It’s extremely handy, location wise. And it’s just a few more hours than i wanted. I don’t know if I’ll get it. But it’s definitely kick-started my brain into all sorts of realities. The money would help not just in the short-term with bill paying, but also with saving for dream-chasing. And I think maybe the space would help too. There are ways in which staying at home all the time have not been healthy. I blame it on our circumstances, not myself or eden. But he’s getting to an age where he needs more, and so I’m hoping that spending larger amounts of time away from me & this house will do him good. It would also mean that when I was with him, I’d have the money to attend the activities I wanted to attend…and possibly the motivation to do more specific things with him?

But who knows.

I do know that he is developing so quickly right now and I am so glad that I’ve had what time I’ve had to spend with him. Every week he has new skills and understands more. And that grin gets cheekier.

I’ve ticked more things off my list –

Have a date night.

Make some fresh soup.

Make something. (cufflinks for my father-in-laws birthday)

the chattering has finally stopped…off i go.


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