dibble dibble dopp dopp

(“oh the wonderful things Mr Brown can do”)

the rain is incessant. I should expect it really, it’s winter in north west england. It’s just that I always forget to expect it. I always hope for sunshine. I much prefer the frosty cold weather we’ve been getting, because it’s been bright. bright is so important to me. yesterday I was brave and defiant – I convinced my husband & mother-in-law to walk a 6 mile return journey to the ‘grandparents’ farm. we made it there dry (but having heard more repetitions of an awful electronic sounding ‘pop goes the weasel’  than anyone ever wants to hear thanks to eden’s steering wheel pram toy)… but returned home soaked rats. Except for eden who was fast asleep in his warm dry pram.

But today, today I couldn’t make myself go out. The puddles in the field behind our house were getting bigger by the minute. I know we have waterproof clothing designed for this weather… but sometimes you just don’t want to. So we didn’t. We played with his ride-on fire engine and his farm and watched veggie tales… and were generally very lazy. i think sometimes lazy is OK.

During naptime, however, I began my annual duty to my former employers… some graphic design for an annual report. I’m not qualified or very experienced, but every year they pay me to do it. And I think i love it. I think that when we have money I want to train in it so other people will pay me too. I like making things look good. I like having a ‘job’ to do. Something more than the dishes & the meals, etc. I like those too. In fact, I like my mundane, no my ordinary life & role much better when it is interrupted by something outside of it. It makes me better at being mummy. It makes me better at being me.

But off I go. The husband is hovering. Something to do with cheese. The things people pay us to do!

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