Today is one of those days I actually wished eden didn’t take a nap – and they are few and far between! But look at it! It’s spring! It’s arrived! It’s here! And I want to bask in all it’s glory. The thing I learned the quickest upon moving here is take what you can get with the weather & don’t expect it to stay!!!!!! But I’ve already exhausted him – chasing a ball around the carpark for 45 minutes and THEN going to a new playgroup is too much for before lunch!!!!!!

Today is a day I want to be surrounded by beautiful things and fresh air. I want to play happy music (hmm like Yael Naim’s New Soul) and eat fresh, vibrant food…lots of fruit & veg

I understand why people spring clean – the sudden arrival of all this sunshine & newness of life makes you want to feel as clean as outside looks.

With a view like this behind my house, why wouldn’t I love spring? (there are even sheep in that field!)

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