i do not have green thumbs

but apparently parsley is a super plant! it survived not only ME but the winter! it was buried under snow for weeks! and it’s STILL ALIVE! So I’ve cleared out the rest of the planter, in another attempt to get other herbs to be so successful….

and soon (if my lovely husband can get the coal bunker moved in time!) my cold frame will be set up and I’ll have the very important task of planting vegetables. I’ve still never been successful at this. but i have a cold frame this year!!!

which, to most people, will sound like i actually have a chance of being successful. However, if you speak to phil, or my dear friend Rachael they may let you in on a little secret – I’m actually quite useless at anything practical… I sound like someone who could be all earthy and gardeny and outdoorsy… but? not really. I desperately want to raise hens, but I think i may actually be a leetle frightened of them. I want to grow vegetables and flowers… but I just seem to have anything but green thumbs…

but this year will be different. i will succeed. i mean, i’ve learned how to bake for goodness sake. surely i can remember to water some dirt for awhile?

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