busy days of sunshine

I’ve FINALLY taken a non-blurry photo of the last set of cufflinks. Poor Andrew, his birthday was almost a fortnight ago and I still haven’t given them to him. Oh yes. I’m that bad. He does only live around the corner from us!!!

Right now, I’ve avoiding. I’ve promised myself that I’m doing a ‘deep clean’ of our house…which only really happens whilst eden is in bed…but I don’t want to do it. So I’m blogging. But we’ve had such fun today…the sunshine is begging us to be outdoors. And we’re obeying it.

This morning, while eden was merrily playing on his keyboard…I was reading a parenting book i’ve not looked at for awhile…She was talking about the dangers of treating a toddler as a baby and but equally the dangers of treating a toddler like a child. She explained that he is not ready yet to care if what he is doing is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ .. he is doing it because it is what he desperately wants to do. But also if you baby him and treat him as though he is incapable of any independent action, he will spend all of his energy separating himself from you that it will result in an unhealthy emotional distance.

According to her, a happy toddler will grow into a child who is able to make considered, appropriate decisions. But expecting him to now will make him miserable because he is not yet mature enough.

Very interesting. I like her approach to children – seeing them as people. That’s why I like Montessori as well. I like that she pointed out that expecting babies to enjoy being passed about and having their personal space invaded is ignorant. It helped me respond better to eden’s aversion to some people. I don’t like everyone, and I especially don’t like being touched by random strangers!

Anyway. I ought to stop avoiding. I do want a tidy house.

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