walk walk walking

I really like to walk. Some of it will have to do with me attempting to assert my independence despite being license-less – proving that I am still able to do what I want to do. Ha. Some of it is because even if you’re prone to laziness, as I am, walking somewhere leaves you with no choice – you have to walk back. (unless you’re way more organised than I am and bring bus money). It forces you to think and process and breathe fresh air.

So we’ve done a lot of walking now that this weather is starting to turn towards spring. Every week we’ve walked to phil’s grandparents’ farm (6 mile round trip) and then today, after doing that yesterday, we did the same length trip in the opposite direction. It does the soul good.

What doesn’t do the soul good is the lack of reasonably sized pavements, crazed drivers and cars parked on the little amount of pavement that is available. This country harps on about fighting obesity and yet it falls at the first hurdle! Walking should be encouraged but it really isn’t. Me & my pram are an oddity around here – we don’t just do the 2 block village run, we do distance. We go on roads, we glare at stupidly parked cars, and we go as far as we freaking feel like. (hear me roar?)

Now, if only I could stop eating so much nutella…I may get something out of all this exercise!

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