10 things

This is a total rip-off from this blog, which I love, by the way.

10 things you may, or may not, know about me.

1. I have lived in (deep breath): Saint John, Regina, Sarnia, Mississauga, Canberra, Perth, Kingston, Fredericton, San Jose (Costa Rica – if you count 4 month stints as living?), toronto area again, and Preston (UK). The non-specified places are Canada. The first 8 were by the time I was 14. And no, I’m not an army brat. Go figures.

2. Although I have the inability to straighten my hair (well to keep it straight for more than a minute), blow dry or style my hair in any fairly simple manner, I can french braid it. It’s weird.

3. I have lived in Preston longer than any other city in my entire life, and I only came here for a year of european adventure…. (I still hold you responsible, rach! haha)

4. I really want to be a writer. Except I feel as though I have nothing to say.

5. I really do love Project Runway. A lot. It is my dream to be able to sew and make my own clothes… except I recently discovered that my newly acquired sewing machine doesn’t work. And I’m not very good at precision or instructions. In fact, if I can’t wing it, I don’t do it. How lazy is that?

6. I led a choir for a year. It was unfortunate. I figured that because my mum was a vocal coach, and I’d grown up singing on stage and with groups that I’d be fine. I wasn’t. I forgot that I hate singing in front of people on my own.

7. I love to paint. I’m in the middle of a new oil-painting. Except when I paint them, I don’t generally think about what they’re going to look like – I just like doing it and get distracted by colours and texture. Texture is a big thing in my life.

8. I want to be a graphic designer. But as i mentioned in 5, if i can’t wing it, I don’t do it. The thing is, I mostly can. I’ve been doing bits of it for a few years now, and i think i may be good. I just need to market my lack of qualifications in a better light. Ha. Or get some. For free. With childcare. Hmmm.

9. Eden is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I do, however, have some doubts about my abilities as a stay at home mum and am starting to consider work and i think it’d give both of us a break. I think i’m doing well though, seeing as before i had him, I thought i didn’t like kids. (well I still don’t like everyone’s kids and definitely don’t want to look after many!)

10. I have a very, very messy house. Everyone knows this. Everyone may also know that I hate it. I would really like people to drop in. But I get so embarrassed when I open the door and they see the chaos. I can’t blame it on eden – it’s slightly worse, but that’s probably cause we’re home more than we ever were. My mother could tell you that I’ve been like this for a looooonnnnnngggg time.

hm. Interesting. thanks skip! you helped me procrastinate. I was supposed to be cleaning!!!


One thought on “10 things

  1. More than happy to be a reason for not cleaning 🙂 🙂

    Ooh gotta love project runway – almost on a par with ANTM (shocking, shocking dirty secret)!

    Re: #4 – do it – you’re writing right now, and it’s good…

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