yeah baby

So I want this bag. Except I made it (well you know, ‘decorated’ it). And I did this for a reason – phil’s cousin’s birthday (she’s at college doing conservation). And although I thought it was going terribly wrong, (what with my starting at the bottom cause it was the easiest, then tackling the top because it was hardest…only to make the middle extremely difficult to work on at all!) it worked out in the end. which is good, cause i had to make some of the pattern up & i really can’t draw. Go me. Like seriously.

And if you’re not on facebook you may not know of yesterday’s brilliance in organisational form:

Oh yeah. I’m amazing. I texted phil immediately and told him i was a genius. And then i danced giddily around the lounge. We now have a solution to the problem of our lounge becoming a chaotic toybox.

And I also tidied eden’s room to within an inch of it’s life:

Interestingly enough, he responded really positively to all the order. I mean, I knew babies were supposed to need order in their lives but i didn’t expect such an immediate and obvious reaction. He even put a big box of toys away when I mentioned we’d have to put things away before going downstairs. That is a definite first. Go us.

I’m taking bets on how long it’ll be before the chaos creeps back in: anyone give me a week?

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