A Dose of Pollyanna.

Although nothing has changed, I have decided that it’s about time I ‘glad’ things up a bit. There has been far too much self-pitying, complaining and general misery around me these days. This has been made worse by eden’s ‘difficult’ phase – and I’ve decided I need to start focusing on what I LOVE about this age…not what is making me want to chuck him out the window.

When I was in uni and in a very negative space, I started writing down something that gave me hope everyday. This is kind of like that. But starting with  a big fat list. Who knows if I’ll carry on regularly.

I am thankful/glad about/happy/etc  for:

  • the generosity of an acquaintance who gave eden a longed-for trike last week.
  • the generosity of a dear friend, who shouldn’t have.
  • eden’s rainsuit – so he can still play outside with his ball
  • friends who can come and laugh at me when I’m being ridiculous.
  • relatives being nearby
  • people who love eden & welcome our visits
  • a fridge full of leftover roasted ham. (YUM)
  • free childcare that’s becoming more and more flexible …(go grandparents go!)
  • my lovely husband & his new dreams.
  • the bit of work I am getting and doing from home
  • eden’s smiles & giggles
  • living in the country
  • this guy in general:

    and that last picture melts me every time.

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