If I was brave enough to take a picture in my house, you would understand that in the more obvious ways, I am

the opposite of houseproud. It is always a mess. But then if you lived close enough to even suggest ‘dropping by’ you’d see the

look of horror on my face, and realise that although I seem to carry on perpetuating this situation, I am horrified by it. Phil &

I agree that it raises our stress levels & if we ever start bickering for no apparent reason, it generally comes down to the house. Pathetic, eh?

But I have great intentions. (and eden’s room is still clean, by the way!) And since I constantly lurk on this site I have started to wonder how,

with no money, I can start taking pride in our house. I both want to become comfortable with the clutter, and more able to control the chaos. I am

a cluttered person, and that’s how it is. There will always be books on the side and bits of projects dotted around. I’m ok with that. But I want a home

not just a house. I want it to be somewhere that eden is happy to bring his friends. I want it to be somewhere everyone feels welcome.

So maybe it’s time I start making some table cloths. Maybe it’s time I plant some flowers (more than my token lot of heather & parsley!). Maybe I should

sweep outside the front & side (we only use the side entrance) and … I don’t know. Maybe it’s time to grow up & accept that my space is what I make it.

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