Well. Last night I couldn’t sleep. I think it’s because my creativity started to wake up from a very long and fitful slumber.

In the evening, before watching some good ole ‘The Mentalist’ I started organising my jewelry making materials. And made a cute little pair of oh-so-simple earrings. I love earrings.

And then I just starting schemingĀ planning my next projects.

This was all pretty harmless until I went to bed in my almost neat bedroom, which is pretty freaking exciting in itself, and re-discovered my copy of ‘The Creative Family’ on the shelf.

(Oh yes, I am obsessed with this woman)

And then no matter what I tried, I couldn’t sleep. I was wired. No amount of yoga techniques (which usually work like a charm) or slow counting could settle me. So I designed this in my head:

(and made it this morning)

It’s one of eden’s finger paintings… made into a thank you card for one of the millions of people who spoil him to within an inch of his life. I’m quite pleased with myself. Up until now I’ve simply let him loose on the card itself. This actually looks designed!

This week I’m borrowing my Mother-in-Law’s sewing machine so there should be more exciting projects posted later in the week!

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