spring! summer! you betcha!

I spent every possible second outside today and it was marvellous.

The child had his first rockstar experience in sunglasses. Sadly it only lasted about 10 minutes before he realised they weren’t comfy (I think they were too small). Every time we looked at him, we laughed. Obviously he has his lunch stuffed in his mouth… he thought it was brilliant that he could come to me for some sandwich and then run around kicking his ball. I think he agrees with my philosophy that most meals should be eaten outside.

I’ve taken up my knitting needles again. On the weekend it was shown to me how to make fingerless gloves, which is BRILLIANT. I don’t understand how parents wear mittens or gloves with fingers… you have to take them off every two seconds and then you lose one. But it’s requiring me to practise purling, which apparently I’ve been doing wrong all these years. I’m glad to know it, because it was painstaking what I was doing and this ‘new’ (read ‘correct’) way of doing it is MUCH easier. So hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to model them.


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