I’ve not been around for awhile. Except I’ve been exactly right here, up to almost nothing at all. It’s just that I’ve been so ill that focusing on any one thing or trying to read has made me violently sick, so I’ve avoided it. That’s meant very little computer and well… very little of anything else.

Today, however, seems to be a good day. I had some pringles & tinned peaches to celebrate.

Nothing is so debilitating as stomach problems (if you ask me). It is so easy to feel INCREDIBLY sorry for yourself, even when life is going rather well. In fact, I’ve become so insular that i’ve not really been able to appreciate the life that is going on for every one else. Apparently not all my friends & family are carrying buckets from room to room and staring listlessly at the walls!!! instead of letting their joys, sorrows and confusions distract me, I’ve blocked them out. Easily. Pathetic, eh?

The end is not nearly in sight, but I’m hoping my coping techniques improve. I may not be able to read, write or do anything remotely active… but I can talk and listen. And stop being so ignorant.

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  1. oh the wonderful stomach problems! i remember them well, and not dearly! it is hard to feel anything outside of yourself when you feel that way. hang in there lady. your doing well.
    we love and miss you

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