Emerging From Hibernation

For once, I am not using Eden’s naptime as my own. I tried – it’s a habit now – but all I could think about were upcoming weddings, parties and babies to be born. And all the things I need to do to ensure they are all good and celebrated! Although I was sick again this morning, it is no longer the norm. This child (did I mention I’m 14 weeks pregnant?!?) is finally giving me some peace. Now I can begin to function like a normal person. I can look at the computer screen. I can walk down the street without getting dizzy… and suddenly I’m seeing the grime that has been ignored since I started being sick. Ew.

I haven’t done anything creative in two and a half months. Not picked up a pair of knitting needles, not made a card or written anything. And my hands are itching to get on with it. I have 3 friends giving birth in the next 8 weeks! And no baby presents (or big brother presents for that matter) are ready. I have a friend who is in a wedding this month who is buying a necklace off me that I have yet to make! oops! I should probably get to that bead shop… fortunately it’ll only take an hour or two once I’ve got the equipment. It’s just convincing husby that he really wants to drive me to said bead shop.

oh and have i mentioned that I still haven’t made my curtains? this is despite buying the fabric (and sending husby back for more) 3 months ago. and despite the fact that our current curtains are literally hanging off the wall because i hate them too much to fix them for the interim. but I have borrowed my mother-in-law’s sewing machine. so maybe when eden’s room gets sorted (he moves into a big bed this week!!!!!!!!!! and yes, i got the one i wanted…hahaha), I can get to doing some of my other jobs. The problem is, i was kind of hoping my mother would take over that project whilst she was here. You see, I’m great with dreaming up sewing projects, just not so great with following through. I generally work it so that I sew with ‘supervision’ and ‘somehow’ the supervision takes over……mwahahaha. But I know my mother-in-law won’t approve of my lack of pattern for making said curtains. I just can’t help it! I believe i can wing things, whether or not I can!!!!!

Anyway. I’ll leave you with a photo of the only remotely creative thing I’ve done recently – eden’s sea monster fish costume. He was in a bad mood, and someone asked him to roar….(and if i’m honest, i only did the pants)


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