raining and pouring, proverbially speaking.

(the weather is gorgeous though)

It seems that I am either extremely busy or extremely idle. These days we’re moving into a ‘fast-paced’ zone. Well, for us. I have 2 work projects on (apparently what I do is ‘art-working’ rather than graphic design), have just sold a necklace & earring set to a dear friend:

my curtains are on the table, all cut, and partially pinned… phil’s photography stuff is getting busy…etc. Oh and obviously there’s life with eden. Which always keeps me on my toes.

Now that I’ve written it, it doesn’t sound too busy… but it feels it. Naptimes and bedtimes are filled with activity. And obviously we have to carry on obsessively watching old series of 24!

It feels good to feel ‘of worth’ again. I know that looking after Eden is important & I’m extremely lucky to have a husband who is also willing to make massive financial sacrifices for me to do it, but without other focus in my life I feel drained. Now i feel like I have a reason to feel so exhausted (besides, obviously, the child who is growing inside me and stealing my brain to grow its own).

For awhile I’m going to start saying what my ‘favourite thing of the day’ is… today it is watching eden run. My gosh I’ve never seen something so cute & funny. I don’t understand how he’s not permanently falling over. And he doesn’t seem to see the point in walking, he just runs. I love it.


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