my world today.

My green thumb does look better than it actually is… most of these were given to me partially grown… but they’re still alive! (although I did discover last night that i’ve been watering sunflowers for a month that didn’t actually have any seeds planted!! oops!!!!!!!!) and the first picture is phil’s father’s day present from eden.

Eden LOVED doing it, so this means I’m going to get braver with arts & crafts. He’s never been that into it, but i think i’ve been giving him the wrong tools. since having a table his height, he uses crayons more… but we’ve got old crayons that maybe aren’t so good as modern ones? (I’m talking vintage crayons inherited from eden’s great, great grandmother!) by good, i mean easy to use… and he really liked using a paintbrush, so i’m wondering about more complicated projects… I’ve cut out a sun & a moon of cardboard and I’m hoping to get him to ‘decorate’ them… he loves pointing them out in books so i thought we could hang them somewhere…maybe…if i’m not traumatised by the experience.

I’ll let you know.

One thought on “my world today.

  1. Look forward to hearing about the results. I tried finger painting with Jake when he was a lot younger and he didn’t really enjoy it. Now he mostly draws with anything he can find, usually on paper, but sometimes on the walls, fridge, doors, etc too!

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