This blog has been silent because I haven’t known what to say. Summer comes with its distractions. This baby inside me is continuously getting larger and making its presence known. My monster is growing and developing and amazing me every day. (and testing me!). But with the fall comes an inward turning.

I cannot shake the feeling that I have lost myself, but it is not a reality I am willing to carry on. It helps that my life is getting busy again, with trying to prepare for Christmas (sorry for mentioning it so early!) before letting the little one out. This year’s goal is to be a mostly homemade Christmas, which takes forethought. Eden has begun the process of making our cards… very simple this year but he LOVES painting, so is happy to participate. Fortunately I am mostly ok with letting the results be as they are, but I do occasionally have to stop myself from ‘correcting’ him. There are moments in which I have to remind myself that *it doesn’t really matter* whether it is with creativity, mess or general destruction.

My only problem is sometimes I feel as though ‘homemade’ equals cheap.. except it often isn’t. I often feel the need to apologise for only giving a made present. Ridiculous, isn’t it? I love it when my present has been made. And when it comes to children, there are only so many brightly-coloured plastic toys I can choose!!!

Anyway. I’m off to check another item off my list.

(photos will be posted as gifts are given…)

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