our days

Our days are a blend of repetition and new experiences. I have found that the repetition is what builds his confidence – there are certain things he can rely on. In that confidence he can search out new things. The deer farm is a very regular part of our lives. We’ve been walking there several times a week (at least) since I was pregnant with him, and now as soon as we get to the private road, he scampers off ahead…searching for puddles, stones (to climb on) and whatever animals may be living in the fields that day. He knows the road, he knows the basics (where the stone pig is that he kisses every time, where the biggest puddle will be, etc) and he is bold. But he also always sees new things. Yesterday it was buttercups (who taught him what buttercups were?) . . .he ran excitedly through the grass, pointing them out, saying bye to them and looking for more.

Also yesterday the chair that lives outside our house was knocked over (probably by him if we’re honest) and suddenly it was the greatest toy ever. He climbed under it for more than 20 minutes before he decided that climbing on top was equally as fun.

This age is so fun. There is so much wonder. So much to learn. So much to touch and taste and try out. I have so much to learn from this little bundle of exploring energy.


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