Another day

The handy thing about spending all your time with a toddler is that you do not have the option to sit around and mope or worry. There is always a little hand there, pulling you out of the fog.

Today this little hand took me outside. It took me to our daily haunts as well as to visit friends. It’s amazing what fresh air and fresh conversation do for the soul.

Being grown up is not all it’s cracked up to be. Decisions have to be made and they aren’t always the right ones… The right ones are not always obvious – the grey area is much larger than it’s black or white counterparts. Being grown up means accepting he consequences, the hardest of which is when the consequences fall on your children.

This little person i know so well relies on me with no doubts as to whether or not I will provide everything he needs, protect him and take care of him. Soon there will be two such little people.

Such responsibility and such an honour.

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