orange leaves curling at the side

Fall is here.

I am most at home in the fall I think. (And oh how I miss Canadian fall – sorry guys, it just doesn’t cut it here.). The colours. The crisp but sunny days. The foods. The knitted sweaters and scarves. This is where I belong. Fall often finds an awakening in me.

I would love to have a dozen photos to show what i mean, but it’s rainy today and there is a small child in bed. So pictureless will have to do.

As I get bigger and bigger I am turning in more. I am constantly thinking of how to be ‘ready’ whilst recognising we won’t be. Not that anyone really is. The house will still be our house. There will be things left undone. There will be support needed. And that’s ok. Life isn’t about completion, it is about process. This little baby will be welcomed into our funny little family the only way we know how – fully and chaotically.

As the days pass I am finally starting to look at our baby clothes. The realisation that the first thing eden wore (a red fleece hoodie with a snowman on it) will be even more acceptable for this December baby fills me with sentiment I never would have guessed.

My children.

Once again I am taken aback by how much you can love someone you haven’t met. But I do.

And I can’t wait for Eden & this little bean to meet. I know it’s going to be rocky… but yesterday he played with an 8 month old and he was brilliant. There was only one snatching moment in a few hours of play. He kept offering toys and snacks and playing in ways that his little friend could appreciate (jumping on the sofa, obviously).

I love it.

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