lessons amidst the butter beans

With the more technology that enters our daily lives, I find it more difficult to dedicate my full attention to Eden. I’m not crazy – i know he doesn’t need it all the time (he’s currently sitting near me playing with a garage and cars)… but it occasionally dawns on me just how little of my attention I give him, so much of the time. It’s so easy to ‘just check this’ or ‘just sort that out’…

So today, one of our first full days alone for a very long time (with the introduction of ‘Grandma Days’ and preschool), I sat myself on the floor and we played. I was ignored a lot of the time, but got to experience more of him by doing it. We got out our tupperware container of butter beans, muffin tray and some spoons… but quickly discovered that the best thing to do with butter beans is to put them in the cement mixer truck, and in the portholes of his ark. Obviously.  It was great. I took a few photos, but they weren’t great. He’s too vain – if he hears the camera, he immediately stops and demands to see all photos and videos!!!

I purposely made no plans today. Such big changes are occurring and about to occur, and he can tell. So we’ve had a lovely day.


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