Reverb10 begins…

Today’s Prompt: One Word


2010 was Full.

This last year has been a hard year. Extremely difficult financially, and quite isolating socially/emotionally. But I am not ready to give it a negative label because it has not been a negative year, simply hard. It has been full of everything. I’ve been pregnant for 9 of the 12 months. Phil started his dream business (photography – I accidentally started a business too (I do design & layout) for better or for worse. Eden has not only learned how to walk, but how to run, jump, laugh, talk, and be his own little person in ways I wasn’t ready to imagine 12 months ago. So while it hasn’t been an easy year, it has been a year full of peaks amongst the troughs. It has been a year of pursuing what we want, even if mostly in emotional ways.


2011, I hope it will be a Beginning.

We’re hoping to move to Canada late next year – something we have discussed doing for years. Next year we’ll have 2 children for the entire year – it will be our beginning as 4. Next year, we’re hoping Phil’s business will transfer to Canada. We’re hoping I can do more education (as soon as I can commit to one idea!). We’re hoping for a lot. It’s probably going to be another hard year, but full of beginnings, full of potential and full of life!


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