Prompt: Writing

Prompt: Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?


I must admit that my first reaction is, what do I do each day that DOES contribute to my writing? But that opinion refuses to look beyond a shallow layer of my life – that opinion is the easy way out.


My days are not the days I imagined I would have as an adult. I never considered mornings starting with dirty nappies and demands for more books in bed and watching videos of himself on an iPod. I didn’t realise that if I didn’t eat breakfast at exactly the same time, half of mine would be given as an offering to a hungry tyrant. I didn’t realise that putting butter beans in muffin tins required so very much concentration or that cars needed to continue going up and down in toy elevators today as they did yesterday. There was so much I was not expecting.

But I refuse to believe that these things don’t contribute to my writing. These are the bread and butter of many people’s lives, I just didn’t know it. These moments filled with insane physical chaos (my lounge currently looks like it was hit by some sort of tornado, despite being cleaned by 9am) are moments also filled with great thought, experience and life.

So what doesn’t contribute to my writing? My laziness. My ability to focus on the shallow instead of bask in the depth. The great amount of time wasted.

I can eliminate so much of it, if I dare.

Dare I?

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