Chaos And Fiddlesticks

Acting as a footrest for me is a large cardboard box that has drawings all over it. If you ask Eden what it is, he’ll tell you, in all the seriousness of a two-year old, that it’s his boat.
To my right, beside the couch, is a pile of stuff that is barely identifiable – a balance bike, helmet, newspapers, fire stuff, credit stuff and other miscellaneous items.

The rest of my house? Much of the same. It is complete and utter chaos. A blog I’ve recently started reading ( describes it as being bad enough that if someone came to the door she’d yell for everyone to lie on the floor and pretend they weren’t in!! Sounds like a good plan!

There is simply too much stuff in this wee little house. Too much. And Eden still has 6 or 7 presents to open!!! I am going to lose my mind!

It’s not even the new things that are the problem, it’s the miscellaneous what-the-hell-do-I-do-with-this-thing-I-may-one-day-desperately-need stuff that is cramping our style. But what if we DO one day need it??? Some of it is Pretty Useful Stuff.

And then there’s the stuff that is worth something to someone… Stuff too good to give away, but how to sell it? Some is heavy, some is bizarre…

This is why we ignore it as our space gets smaller because it’s exhausting to simply consider dealing with!!

I need a genie to come and magic it all away.
Or to wink me into a domestic goddess.

Genie? Are you out there? Help!

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