it’s a boat. Obviously.

In our house, a cardboard box automatically equals a boat. That is that, no questions asked. And this particularly large and great cardboard box is our best boat yet – it’s been decorated. Although there may have been a little help from Daddy, I’d like you to notice the inside (which sadly is out of focus cause i didn’t think of showing that bit off) which has been regularly added to – all those scribbles? They’re fish. Obviously.


And the best way to play with this boat? Is to sit outside of it and roll crayons and markers into it. And occasionally deigning to rest a moment in it. Oh yes. That is the life at sea.

(don’t you love the marker all over his face? thank goodness it’s so washable it started to disappear with his drool!)


We are struggling a bit with the pull of technology. Eden’s grandma, grandpa and daddy all have iPads. (which is funny because none of us are lush). And I have an iPod touch. And eden thinks they, as well as our computer, are all for his entertainment. What does he want to do? Look at pictures of himself, play games and watch programs. And not play with toys. Ever. This is making me crazy. So much so that I banned my mum from letting him touch hers yesterday – I’ve been trying to be graceful as she’s only here for a few weeks… but I can’t bear him being that child already. He’s 2. He doesn’t need to be able to play electronic games or “read” books on a screen. Books with pages are just fine, thank you.

Does that make me a ludite? To somehow equate paper pages with better?

Because I do. I want him to appreciate REAL life, REAL things. Technology has it’s place but I’m not ready for it to be everything.
So my little boy is back in his boat this morning, and playing his lego plane and I can breathe easier. For now.


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