Bear With Me

There’s a lot in my life I’m not happy with.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that i have a good life. I have a good marriage, two adorable monsters with whom I am fortunate enough to spend my days, a good client who keeps giving me flexible contracts, and I live in a great village that I could normally never afford to live in.

But those aren’t enough to feed my soul. And I know that the buck stops with me.

I have so many excuses, many of them very good ones… Except it’s about time I fought through the barriers to the things that would vastly improve my life. Like getting my license after 11&1/2 years of occasionally driving. Like decluttering. Like journaling and writing again. Like doing things without my family, outside of this house. Like exercising (it helps keep my demons at bay).

Believe me, my excuses are plentiful and you’d nod your head in agreement as to why x means z but enough is enough. It’s time for me to change, even if it hurts.

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