so much heartache

that’s not mine.


This picture is the essence of what feeds my soul right now. These moments. Trying to convince Eden to face me whilst he “kisses” (read – places his head against Caleb’s, at varying degrees of speed and pressure!) Caleb. The three of them squishing together for a story, whilst Caleb looks…well a little uncertain. Them laughing.

These are the things that are keeping the demons at bay, but only just.



but there are so many stories flooding around me of true heartache. This blog breaks my heart and inspires me everytime I read it. Another person I know but don’t know has just had their baby die after a long fight against illness. People are living my worst nightmares.

It makes all my issues seem so insignificant. My boys are healthy and happy. If a little a crazy (which they certainly drive me).

I am blessed. Please remind me of this frequently. 


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