Right now

(inspired by soulemama.com)

… I am holding my 6 week old whilst he sleeps fitfully.

…I am wondering how to battle my 2 year olds “nightmares” (they’re occurring during his nap, now that the strike has ended)

… I am feeling hopeful about changes we can and (hopefully) will make to drag us out of our rut.

… I am smiling at the fact that to get Eden into his new hat today, I had to put his Bob the Builder work hat on top.

… I am wishing we had taken newborn photos like we meant to.

… I am feeling more positive than I have in days.

… I am surrounded by clutter that I don’t know what to do with. I think I need a date with eBay (unless you happen to want ice skates, a telescope, exercise trampoline or any of the other random items in my too small house?)

… I am feeling lost (but in a good way) at phil’s suggestion that we start planning our week to include more independent activities.

…I am.

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