Right now.

Right now I am holding my baby, feeding him the most disgusting smelling milk, which he is happily guzzling. Because I am lucky, I live somewhere that this special formula is not only available, but provided for free. And this formula will mean Caleb can gain weight and live without the digestive pain that has been haunting him.

Right now people in japan are watching their houses float away. They are feeling aftershocks. They are searching desperately for loved ones. They are wondering what will happen next and if life will ever be the same.

Right now, people in new Zealand are recovering. They are rebuilding their lives. They are living through aftershocks as a normal part of life.

Right now, people are getting dressed for their nights out – painting their faces, choosing the right clothes and preparing to drink themselves into oblivion.

Right now people are starving. Others are purging. Right now people are lonely, desperate and without hope. Others are surrounded by friends and luxury.

Life isn’t fair. Our earth is suffering and it’s most likely a result of our treatment of it. Apathy, indifference and ignorance are destroying us and our planet.

What happens next?

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