in an effort for quality

sickness has circled around us for months now. this means that almost all of the time Eden is sick – which means that almost all of the time, Eden is whingeing.

it’s painful for all.

this morning, after our slightly-more-monumental-than-usual daily standoff about getting dressed, we found time for me to sit on the floor and play trains. which obviously meant lining

up some wooden trees and taking turns knocking them over. and my little boy came back to me.

i can’t do this all the time. i need to find time to work. there are meals to be cooked, things to be tidied and a second child who can’t do anything for himself yet.

but when I can, when I can stop all else and sit and just play…

everything changes


i don’t think this just relates to parenting.

we seem to have accepted living in a Primark society – nothing is quality or built to last and we don’t expect it to… including relationships…

but sometimes, just sometimes, we choose quality over quantity, value over cheap. and everything is different when we do.


phil & I are in the process of completely changing our lives. exciting things are afoot. it’s scary and hurts to think about sometime,

but the quality of our lives will improve immeasurable amounts if we can just jump.


so we’re getting closer to deciding which cliff to fling ourselves off. i’ll keep you posted.

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