One of these days

(I took this photo at the beginning of Feb and it makes me a little bit gooey inside)

I don’t know about you, but the longer my to-do list grows, the greater my urge to nap is… and my to-do list never seems to do anything but get longer these days! Worrisome truths from a full-time mum who is intending to start her Masters within a year!!! My list is mostly filled with boring things, some written in bold, such as CLEAN before the Health Visitor comes, etc… but recently added to the list is to make Caleb a cot bumper. Last night we finally bit the bullet and took him out of his moses basket. I know, I know, he’s 4 months old and most babies are out of them long before now… but he’s been so little and so poorly and it’s been just oh-so-convenient being able to drop my hand over the side of the bed into his basket. Now that he is in his cot, the walk to comfort him feels like some sort of torture. But one day, before he’s 21, he will sleep through… right?

Currently scattered around me are the following: a stuffed robot, a mostly empty bag of “craisins”, an expired passport, far too many children’s DVDs, a potty, puzzles, blankets, books, empty cider bottles. . .if someone were to come in here, I wonder what they would learn about us? (besides the fact that we take “slob” to a whole new level!) My house definitely does not reflect my personality (which is devastating to me) but the things in it surely tell a story about our life. Our priorities. Our habits, good and bad.

Anyway, I’m off to check more things off the list (sadly, blogging wasn’t on it so no points here!). If anyone has any pointers on making cot bumpers please let me know! (should I use a currently unused car duvet, or order super cute fabric from fabricrehab?)


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