Again and never

Tonight we watched Later With Jools Holland. I don’t particularly enjoy watching music – I don’t understand buying the DVD of a gig or watching music videos – and so it’s never been something we have done together. But the lineup included Fleet Foxes and Hugh Laurie and so I was curious.

(I loved it by the way)

During one of the FF songs, I mentioned to phil that you could tell they would be a band I’d like just by looking at them. He agreed, saying that they look like people I was friends with in uni… And so the story goes.

It made us comment -again- how we miss being artsy fartsy and musical… But here we are. Still this way. I moan about my feeling of emptiness like it’s going out of fashion. But here we are.

I guess the question is, will we always be here? When we will brave enough to grab hold and shake until all that is a result of apathy/exhaustion/poverty falls away and we are able to live again as ourselves?

I dare you – take a step.
Who knows what could happen. It’s our inaction that holds us captive.

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