7 Things

I have been tagged by the marvellous Skip as a “versatile” blogger. Sounds much nicer than “too scattered to focus on just one thing”, don’t you think?

So my duty is now to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass the tag along!

7 things. Do they have to be interesting? Oh the pressure!

… I had a friend give me a fringe this week because I found bald patches on my hairline! I now look 12.

… I call those particularly horrid brown spiders “Harold” and not just in my head (as in, “I saw the biggest Harold today!”). This is leftover from an attempt to visualise spiders with multicoloured booties and with a name to lessen my ridiculous fear of them. Only the name stuck. I am much better at dealing with it all now.

… I don’t have a toenail on my big toe on my right foot. Its a long, gross story involving a lot of pain (and a lot of pus)

… I have a serious aversion to following instructions (translated to mean “I only botch”) this includes recipes, patterns and any new skill. It infuriates the people around me, all of whom seem quite capable at doing what they are told by a book/booklet.

This is harder than I expected!!!

… I make The Best rocky road, but hate baking. I only make it in December but have been known to make several batches a week during that month.

… It really surprises me when I’m told my kids have unusual names. Especially Caleb. But they keep saying it!

… I am obsessed with the film Closer,as in I’ll watch it repeatedly… But no one I know likes it!

There. Seven!

Now I don’t have a clue who reads this. I’ll tag later.


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