“it’s a new month. Do something fabulous” (Enjoying The Small Things

I am a dreamer – a plan maker. At any one time I have half a dozen plans, of varying significance, of how to improve my life. Many (most?) do not come to pass. Sometimes this gets me down; sometimes this makes me try not to dream. But most of the time I recognise that dreams and plans make my world go round. Just dreaming them improves my life and teaches me something.

There are some dreams that scare me. I get scared both of them happening and of them remaining dreams. These are the dreams that truly matter. They are the plans that cost me, but that are vital to my very being. They are the things I must do, that must happen to me. And often they are the ones it hurts to tell people about, the ones I hide from.

It’s never too late, but I am of an age that makes this hard to believe. In our youth we think we have forever. And then we feel like we’re running out of time… And then, I imagine, comes a comfortable co-existence with the ebbing and flowing of time and life. But I’m not there. I’m 27. I’m not “young” anymore, but have yet to…feel adult, to feel accomplished…

I want to do something fabulous.


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