I have so many plans to start “tomorrow”.

“Tomorrow” I will sort out our room.
“Tomorrow” I will start exercising.
“Tomorrow” I will stop compulsively/excessively eating.
“Tomorrow” I will get that project sorted.
“Tomorrow” I will type those minutes.
“Tomorrow” I will do research to apply for my Masters.
“Tomorrow” I will do yoga when Caleb wakes me at Dawn.

And so on.
What will you do “tomorrow”? And isn’t it about time to start?


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Its funny, I was just thinking tonight that beyond the “I’ve got X appointment tomorrow” thoughts, I can’t ever seem to escape “today”. I’m constantly trapped in the moment, I don’t even have any plans beyond getting through the day.

  2. Oops accidentally pushed publish.

    Anyway. I don’t think that either extreme is good. Tomorrow will come and you’ll look back on your list and laugh that it was so hard to get done.

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