When the suffragettes fought to be recognised as persons, I wonder what world they imagined they would be passing on to their daughters? I imagine their focus was on choice & possibility. They had big ideas and the determination to see them through.

I wonder what they would have thought of “Slut Walks”?

I understand the basic principle- reclaim the word, remove the insult, take a stand against women being blamed for the crimes committed against them. Big Idea. But I do not find solace in being referred to, or referring to myself, as a slut.

Somewhere along the way the Big Idea became sexual, and (in my humble opinion) confused. Somewhere along the way “feminist” has become a bit of an insult, but “slut” is ok?

If you look into it, most of us are feminists. A lot of people believe that women are persons equal socially, economically and politically to men. (or should be) I am not of lesser worth and would nor accept being treated as such by anyone.

But I don’t believe that holding a door open for me, or letting me go first is an implication that I am of lesser value- I think it’s polite. I too hold the door open for others, and let people in front of me, with no regard to their gender, social, political or economic standing. I do it for persons.

Despite, or perhaps because?, of my personal beliefs of equality and rights, I struggle greatly with “just” being a mum. I do work for an employer as well, but don’t identify myself through it. But it does help after the awkward pause when asked what I do and I respond “look after 2 small kids”…..”oh and I …”.

It shouldn’t be that way. The feminist fight wasn’t so that we had to do everything- it was so that we could do anything.

And whilst I have no little girls to pass the torch onto, I have two little boys growing into a world where gender has been sexualised and confused. I don’t think to be a man you have to scorn pink, have short hair and be physically strong, but I do believe there are some inherent differences that should be celebrated and encouraged in each of us, and that gender is not a curse.

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