Seeing through the ladders

I am a dreamer. I plan. So often the things I talk about don’t happen. And most of the time that is ok, but sometimes I notice that everyone else notices…and wonder if they stop taking all my plans seriously. Because at the time of planning I could not be more serious. I am simply open to changing my mind.

And that is precisely what has just happened. W have changed our kinds (again). And quite suddenly. We are ot moving anywhere new and exciting and life changing. We realised that we needed to commit, either fully pursue lleaving or wholeheartedly stay…but waiting to leave has been slowly killing us.

And for once, we decoded to stay. Out we went immediately to buy paint and finally put our stamp on this novel….I mean house that we call home. And then there was talk of knocking down Walls…which the landlords jumped on…

A few days later and I am in awe of the difference paint makes. The room is curremntly the same size but looks so completely different. Paint. Colour. Fresh air.

And we are different people for simply having chosen . The effort is being made and we can feel it.

(happy post number 100 to me!)

One thought on “Seeing through the ladders

  1. Committing is always harder than leaving. When you choose to stay, you are choosing something you know intimately, the good, the bad, the boring, the awful. The “new” has all of that shiny promise and you haven’t really lived the negatives (at least not recently).

    Well done for choosing.

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