When “me” is the hardest topic.

I am applying to grad school. Yes, I know…it’s July. But better late than never!

An old professor has asked me to compile a “brag” sheet to jog her memory whilst writing my reference. The application asks for a personal statement. Selling myself is not as easy as making jokes about myself.

It’s weird to really want something, but to know that my words on paper could make or break my (current) dreams. I know that I can deam again if this all goes pear shaped… But I usually try to avoid taking a gamble on myself…

But, as I’ve sat trying to explain why me and this course are the perfect fit, I’ve taken a moment to breathe in my accomplishments and history and tell myself that I can do it, and I’m applying be because I can and could do it well.

The rest is up to them. (here’s hoping my transcripts have some pleasant forgotten numbers on them!)


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