(I’d add more photos but I have yet to determine how to add photos to my iPad)

Life has been a different speed as of late. My parents visited. A dear old friend from uni, Matt, visited. Caleb eats food but doesn’t sleep. Eden sleeps but doesn’t eat tea. All groups and activities have ended for the summer…

Somewhere amidst the chaos, my soul is stirring. I am finding ideas of things to make, and then getting up and making them. The above picture is my first attempt at sweet potato scones- I’ve yet to try one, so I don’t know how they turned out. I didn’t add sugar and I had to add twice as much flour, and still couldn’t roll them… Oh and I used coconut milk so that caleb can have them. So really, they were inspired by a recipe and then twisted to fit me. In fact, that’s how I do recipes. I can’t seem to follow one exactly- I look at it and then do it how I want. This drives phil batty, but I accept it about me. Sometimes it results in train wrecks but often it works out just fine.

If this one is a success, I’ll share.

Anyway, I’m off to do something off my never-ending list!!

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