Today I’m grateful for grinning eyes
For toddler jokes
For sunshine
For parks and picnics with friends
I’m grateful for photography work for phil
For a husband that that loves me
For inlaws close by
I’m thankful for water that flows freely from my taps and is clean
For food in my fridge
For luxuries around me.
I’m thankful for friends far way
(though I wish you were closer)
I’m grateful for weekends
For pillows and big divest
For hairdressers open on Sunday’s
I’m grateful for koala cuddles
And sleepy smiles
I’m grateful for the fierce loyalty of two year olds
I’m grateful for liquorice & peppermint tea
I’m grateful for early birthday presents
And free samples from online sources
I’m grateful for the wealth of creativity around me
I’m grateful for opportunity and possibility that surround me.

So yeah, I may be lower than low, but damnit it I’m pretty freaking grateful for a lot of life.


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