When it’s you that needs to be mothered…

I’ve been realising a few things as of late. I’ve noticed that it is very easy to be the mummy I want to be (this last week all it took were some card triangles with numbers written on them and a bowl full of oats! Pictures will eventually come), but that I have to choose it. Sometimes I forget it’s my choice.

But there are many things I realise I have been making stupid choices in. I’ve realised that I can go a full day of being thirsty without taking the time to get myself a drink, because it was never convenient. Or have only one pair of pants to wear because the others have holes in indecent places (why do all my jeans get crotch holes?) but I will wait weeks or months before endeavouring to go to a shop to buy a new pair because it’s not a necessity- it’s only for me.

I’m downright useless at making myself a priority. If phil, or one of the kids needs something, I am on it as quick as a flash. When did I decide that I’m not important?

I wonder what stage of development it is that learn to care for ourselves, if I ever learned it, or if I infect untaught myself!

All people should believe themselves to be of enough value Tom take care of. But how many of us do?


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