When August brings the winter…

Growing up in Australia, I was used to rainy Augusts. But now? To have to put my heating on when I first wake up on a “summer’s” morning?!? Bah. I’m Not Impressed.

The rain brings out conflicting desires in me. It makes me want to curl up on the sofa with a really good book or dvd. It makes me want a lovely tea in a hand-thrown mug. It makes me

want crotcheted throws. But it also makes me want to paint. To swirl colour. To be creative.


So far today I’ve done none of that. I’ve built and taken down a train track twice. I’ve played cars…twice. I’ve baked Oatmeal & Raisin Cookies (yummmmmm, although a bit too crispy). I’ve put one child

down for 2 naps and the other for his first. . .


You know how it is. And now it’s naptime. Around here, naptime is one big inner dilemma. Do I try to catch up on some very overdue sleep? (teeth + digestive issues in a baby = sleeping hell) Do i try to

attack this disaster of a house? Do I relax? Do I create?


Often I lose all track of time. Today I am determined to clean but I can feel my eyelids getting heavy and I know that the small child will wake soon.

Dilemmas Dilemmas.

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