Another month

It’s a new month. And with us, it is yet another month bringing with it more unexpected chaos.

House renovations (last check our bottom floor was now one massive room and a kitchen!!!!), uncertain employment, job applications, 4 of us living in one bedroom at my inlaws, no sleep from the small one, the big one starting a new nursery this week…and so on.


This time outside of our normal habitat has its ups and downs, but is good for us. Good for re-evaluation. It provides food for thought. Like that house we stayed in in Bristol for the weekend and became enchanted by – we can use that when decorating our “new” old house. Will I work full time and Phil take over childcare? Will we both work part time? Will we stay or have to leave to find work?


More and more I think to myself “We can do anything – it’s only us in the way.”

This month I want to create more. I’ve seen some great projects to get started on. I’ll show evidence when I get around to it.

This month I want to breathe more. Relaxation doesn’t come naturally to me.

This month I want to love more.

This month I want to adventure more. (And that’s going to happen but my lips are sealed for another week in case Someone is reading this).


This month I want more.

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