Rites of Passage.

I love the Fall.



(photo by phil)

I love the golden sun that it brings. The falling leaves. The cool, but not cold, weather. The smells. The scarves and sweaters that re-enter our lives. I l0ve it.

This season change has brought with it great life changes. Unexpected renovations. Unexpected redundancy. Living with the inlaws. A new nursery for Eden.

I love it. I mean, it’s hard –  Eden doesn’t do well with change, and although the nursery is going well, the rest is proving too much. I am constantly met with cries of “I want to go to my house” …and we are living out of suitcases/boxes with all 4 of us in one room…. – but it is as though a breath of renewed life has been blown into Phil & I. Our spare time is split between childcare, job hunting, and working on the house. It feels good to have visible results of the change.

I hope for you that this Fall brings what you are looking for, even if you didn’t know what it was.

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