The Devil Uses an IPad. (and so do I)

Life has changed.
We can be in touch with everyone and anyone at any point. We have instant access to everything, and pretty much everywhere.
And there are some ways in which this is pretty damn cool.

Except, there are just as many (more?) ways in which this is becoming the saddest story I have ever heard.

In Starbucks, people will sit around a table with their friends, looking at their phones… And, dare I say it, posting on Facebook about what they are doing. You know, instead of simply doing it.

When traveling around Europe you could often hear me complaining that although I wanted beautiful pictures of the things I was seeing, I’d rather be able to enjoy seeing them than focusing on capturing it. I hated the times the bus would stop so we could all pile out and take a photo of something and then drive away. To me that was not authentic. Now, what is?

iPhone’s, iPads, iPods – they are our own worst enemy (says she, typing on her iPad). They excuse us from interacting, from existing but make us feel as though we are. It’s no longer rude to “quickly respond to this email” or “just check…” because we can.

Well, I have something to say. It is rude.

But, social graces aside, it is depriving you of life. Stop talking about life and live it. Please, don’t tell me about the view- look at it and tell me later. Breathe. Walk. Play.

Commenting on life is not living it. There is so much more.

So in my house there are going to be a few more rules. No phones at the table. No iPads when the kids are around, unless you are doing a specific activity together. In my house, we are going to choose real life. Then at least we’ll have something to talk about on Facebook.

And yes, this was written on iPad.

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