And so it is.

The kids are in bed, I have a Kopparberg in hand (pear, obviously), and Phil is making a steak tea for two. Life is good.

I’ve recently cut my ties with a forum with which I was wasting far too much time, but suddenly realised that my online activities have become very limited. Facebook. Pinterest… and? Whilst less internet time is definitely a positive, it is also a potentially great way to expand your horizons. I love Pinterest, not because it’s  great escapism (and window shopping!) but also because there are so many great ideas. I obsessively pin, but I also regularly give things a go.

So then I started to look around, and renewed my love in blogs. There are so many pretty ordinary people out there who are helping make the world wide web a more beautiful, interesting and inspiring place. Phil may see yet another set of bird silhouettes and thoroughly predictable photographs, but I see familiarity, kindred spirits, and the breaking down of geographic boundaries.

And I decided that now is as good a time as any to join in again. I stopped, for the most part, because I felt like I had so little to say that everyone would want to read. My parenting friends may be interested in the kids activities, my christian friends in my spiritual musings, etc… but I was so scared of not appealing to everyone that I said nothing.

What a load of bollocks! If you don’t like my pictures of faded bunting (which, by the way, I’ve developed an obsession with – bunting, not the faded part), then don’t look. That’s fine. I do. Tomorrow it might be a mucky child’s face or a photo of something entirely delicious (savoury obviously, because I’m simply not a baker). Live with it. Or don’t.



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